Quark Productions

A Normal Life. Chronicle of a sumo wrestler.

by Jill Coulon


Takuya is 18, with tousled hair and an athletic look. Driven by his father and sponsors, he leaves his hometown in Hokkaido to go to Tokyo and join a sumo stable. There, he will share everything with the 10 other wrestlers: communal life, training, social life and tournaments. Coproduced by Japanese tv NHK as part of its "Tokyo Modern Series", granting an exceptional access, the film recalls the dreams and disenchantments of a teenager who is discovering the reality of the traditional world of sumo.


Directed by Jill Coulon
Edited by Alex Cardon

Length 55' & 83' 106'
Format 16/9

© NHK / Margot Films / Quark - 2009

Etoile de la Scam 2011
Jury's Special Prize - Festival du Film d'Education 2010
Special Jury Mention - Flahertiana Film Festival 2010
Best First Film - MiradasDoc 2010

Broadcasted on Planète the 9th of December 2011

A Normal Life. Chronicle of a sumo wrestler.