Quark Productions

Beijing Love

by Olivier Horn


Nothing can stop Xiao Zhou’s passion for Yanzi.
Since he met them in Peking in 1997, Olivier Horn has become their confidant, fixing the progress of their lives and their feelings every time he goes there. First of all in a joint that they opened beyond the third ring-road, among the clandestine bus drivers and the brawls of small dealers ; then, two years later, at the flower market where they set up a stall...
I love you, a little, a lot, madly. Will we go to your parents’ on Sunday ? Do you want to marry me ?... This is how life is against the background of the syrupy sound of the karaokes which try to mask the violence of Chinese society which is exploding.

Selected Etats Généraux du Documentaire - Lussas
Best documentary SCAM 2003


A film by Olivier Horn & Magali Jauffret
Directed by Olivier Horn
Edited by Anne Riegel

Length 51'
Format 4/3

With the participation of the CNC
& the support of the Procirep

© Quark / La Cinquième - 2002

Beijing Love