Quark Productions

Consultants. Up or Out.

by Laurent Salters


Consultants, in a prestigious firm of consultants in strategy where the model of future work is formed, work made of mobility, autonomy, the quest for performance, and the lack of qualms. Alongside the consultants, the film follows the ritual assessment interviews which determine the end-of-year bonuses, and sketches the new face of work and the firm.


Directed by Laurent Salters
Edited by Gilles Volta

Length 50'
Format 4/3

With the participation of the CNC,
the Ministère des Affaires Sociales, du Travail & de la Solidarité
& the support of the Procirep & the Angoa

© Quark / Centre Audiovisuel de Paris / La Luna Productions - 2003

Consultants. Up or Out.