Quark Productions

Exercises in vanishing

by Claudio Pazienza


Does mourning have a sell by date... like yogurt ? And what do you mean exactly by the term "mourn"?
Talking to his philosophy teacher (passionate about Nietzsche and tap dancing), the author is about to go on many voyages. Some are static and seek the personal experience of the two friends. Other trips put words to the test of geography: naming, describing what is there, in front of you, becomes a way of conjuring what is being erased.


Directed by Claudio Pazienza
Edited by Julien Contreau

Length 48'
Format 16/9

© Komplot films etc / Quark - 2011

Young Jury Award  - Cinéma du Réel 2011
Broadcated on Arte (La Lucarne) the 28th of September 2011

Exercises in vanishing