Quark Productions

I wish I love no one

by Marie Dumora


Sabrina, sixteen, pretty and silent, somewhat rebel and the mother of Nicolas, walks along the streets of Mulhouse, a provincial town in the east of France, travelling from the Hermitage Castle - a home for young unmarried mothers – and the outer world. In her neighbourhood, her mate, not really recommendable, her father just out of jail, her sister between two runaways… With her white boots on, Sabrina keeps walking forward when everything crumbles around her.

Her challenge is belting along for fear of falling down, and by the way, get her son christened to protect from the growing shadows all around.


Directed by Marie Dumora
Edited by Catherine Gouze

Length 109'
Format 4/3

© Quark - 2008

Cinéma du Réel Documentary Festival, Paris 2009
Theater release in May 2010

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