Quark Productions

Inside the industrial tribunal

by Jenny Kéguiner


To the industrial tribunal of Rennes, all kind of ordinary work contentious follow one another: employees or managers, waiters, truck drivers... Each of them has its own reasons that need to get sorted out before a decision can be made.
By following the litigations and the persons - labour court judges, lawyers, complainants and defendants - the film makes light of the relations inside the enterprises and of the evolutions of the world of work.


Directed by Jenny Kéguiner
Edited by Cécile Coolen

Length 51'
Format 16/9

With the participation of France 5,
the CNC,
the Ministère du Travail - DICom
& the support of the Procirep & the Angoa

© Quark - 2007

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Inside the industrial tribunal