Quark Productions

Perlita's 15th birthday

by Bernard Corteggiani


In Vera-Cruz, a small provincial town on the coast, Perlita is going to be fifteen. The film follows the preparations for the presentation party, the mobilisation of the family who gamble here with their social status with lots of kitsch and deafening music, the choice of the dress, the rehearsals for the dancing display during which the girl will be presented. Fifteen is the most beautiful age in life...
And it is also a wonderful device for observing Mexican society at a time when it displays its codes and values.


Directed by Bernard Corteggiani
Edited by Anne Riegel

Length 52'
Format 4/3

With the participation of the CNC
& the support of the Procirep
& of Conaculta - Fonca

© Quark / La Sept Arte - 2000

Perlita's 15th birthday