Quark Productions

Pike, just like the fish

by Anne Brochet


Anne Brochet (French for Pike) always felt vulnerable about sharing her surname with an animal. After all, it’s tricky being associated with an evil creature… And others, how did they manage? So she set off to find other people in the same situation -- Mister Pigeon, Miss Calf, Miss Rat… -- to see how their lives echoed off their name.

A fanciful comedy that delves into the notions of names, lineage, and inheritance. And our relationship with animals.

Selected for the 2014 International Environmental Film Festival.


Directed by Anne Brochet
Edited by Pierre-Alain Giraud

Length 50'
Format 16/9

With the participation of the CNC

With the support of the PROCIREP & the ANGOA

© Quark / ARTE France - 2013

Broadcasted on Arte the 27th of June 2013

Pike like the fish