Quark Productions

Sleepiness. When your brain has a mind of its own.

by Maryse Bergonzat


Sometimes comical but often tragic, Sleepiness takes an important part in our lives.
First cause of leathal highway accidents, drowsiness invites itself in our work.
What happens with our brain? Can we master sleepiness?
By working on the sleep and especially on the functioning of awakening, researchers try to understand the biological and environmental mechanisms that maintain man at the top of his capacities.
What if drowsiness was there to prove that we are not machines?


Middle School Jury's Prize at Pariscience 2012 festival


Directed by Maryse Bergonzat
Edited by Josiane Zardoya, Linda Attab Tessa Ouvrier-Perrin

Length 53'
Format 16/9

With the participation of the CNC,
& the Ministère du Travail, de l'Emploi & de la Santé - DICom

© ARTE France / CNRS Images / Quark - 2011

Broadcasted on Arte the 1st of March 2012

Sleepiness. When your brain has a mind of its own