Quark Productions

Smoking Kills

by Andrés Jarach

Summary  |  Press review

Thomas B., chain smoker, has decided to quit.

In hospital wards with tobacco experts, in labs where scientists test addiction on rats, he tries to understand the mechanisms of dependence and forget the pleasures of smoking...

A documentary comedy that is the proof that a scientific film can be funny.

Funny and relevant
La Vie
"It's funny, relevant,... and much more efficient than most anti-tobacco speeches"

Efficient and funny
"Educational but never sententious, efficient and funny Andrés Jarach succeeds in finding an original tone on this overdebated topic."

An irresistible comedy
Les Inrocks
"A litany of daily gestures that turn "Smoking kills" into an irresistible documentary comedy on the impossible quest for tranquility."


Directed by Andrés Jarach
Edited by Josiane Zardoya

With the participation of France 3,
the CNC
& the support of the Procirep & the Angoa

Length 52'
Format 4/3

© Quark - 2004

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