Quark Productions

The Caste Struggle

by Florence Martin-Kessler


How can democracy come to rule a society that had been built entirely around the principle of inequality amongst men? India’s radical affirmative action policy is unique, since over half a billion Indian citizens can potentially benefit from it. From the remote villages in Rajasthan where officials are sent to survey the precise ranking of a caste, to bureaucrats classifying the 3,743 officially “backward castes of India”, to the massive rallies of the Gujjars, who campaign to be lowered down the caste ladder "The Caste Struggle" explores the unprecedented social and political changes in India.


Directed by Florence Martin-Kessler
Edited by Françoise Bernard

Length 52'
Format 16/9

© Quark / Arte France - 2008

Broadcasted on Arte the 22nd of November 2008

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