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The Grand Masters of the Chauvet cave

by Christian Tran


The paintings and drawings of the Chauvet cave are, to this date, the oldest tokens of human artistic expression. Their strength and modernity have upended all the accepted ideas regarding prehistoric art.

The new opening of a large museum dedicated to the reproduction of these works is a perfect opportunity to take a very close look at those paintings, drawings and engravings. Thus, can we at last understand their technical refinements and recapture their immense emotional power.

Broadcasting on ARTE channel on Sunday 3 May 2015.

. International science film festival Pariscience 2015
. International Festival of Archaeological Film Rovereto 2015


Directed by Christian Tran
Edited by Ronan Sinquin

Length 52'
Format 16/9 - HD

With the support of the CNC
With the support of the PROCIREP & the ANGOA
With the support of the Région Rhône-Alpes
With the support of the Conseil général de l'Ardèche

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The Chauvet Cave Geniuses