Quark Productions

Welcome to Refugeestan

by Anne Poiret


Almost 17 million people – refugees, displaced persons or migrants – live in camps, in a virtual country the size of the Netherlands. And yet the names of these places do not appear on any maps. The UNHCR and NGOs have developed ways of running them that are both efficient and absurd. This film explores the land of camps, from Kenya, to Tanzania, Jordan, and the Greece/Macedonia border, as well as at the UNHCR’s headquarters in Geneva. It reveals an immense system that combines humanitarian concerns with the management of undesirables who rich countries want to keep out, whatever the cost.

Scam - Author's Guild Star 2017

First public screening at the FIGRA 2016

Festival selections
FIGRA 2017
FIFDH, Geneva - Educational Program
United Nations Association Film Festival, San Francisco


Directed by Anne Poiret
Edited by Françoise Bernard
Image Thibault Delavigne

Length 71' & 52'
Format 16/9 - HD

With the participation of the CNC
With the support of the PROCIREP & the ANGOA

© Quark / ARTE France - 2016

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