Quark Productions

Fear over the City

by Pauline Horovitz


Behind the urban legend on the drain crocodiles, a genuine story in the news: the discovery of a Nile crocodile in the Paris drain in 1984. How did it get there? How many wild animals are hidden in the city basement?

An investigation lead by a phobic Parisian, guided by experienced terraria enthusiasts, reptile specialists and pipes experts. Where we’ll see how to react if we face a snake in the toilets. Where we’ll learn that a crocodile can live a hundred years, that it needs running water, not stagnant, and that a simple piece of tape is enough to keep its jaw closed.


Direction, image & sound Pauline Horovitz
Editing Solveig Risacher

ARTE Creative

With the participation of the CNC

© Quark / ARTE France - 2016

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