Quark Productions

I've dreamt of Europe


I've dreamt of Europe is about an Europe that we don't imagine: the one in our dreams.
Poetic, dramatic, surrealist, enchanted or frightening dreams, all telling a specific connection to the European reality.


Directed by Morgane Bader, Boris Belghiti, Jérémy Boulard, Paul Bourgois, Léonard Cohen, Laurence Gatti, Florent Lazare, Pierre-Emmanuel Lyet, Vladimir Mavounia-Kouka, Aurélie Pollet, Florent Remize, Emilie Sandoval

Length 25x1'30''
Format 16/9

With the support of the CNC

© Quark / ARTE France Pôle Web - 2014

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I've dreamt of Europe