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mödern cøuple

The webdøc that doesn't wear diapers


Becoming a parent
is overwhelming for A MAN
is life-changing for A WOMAN

Nothing in their life still resembles the Swedish furniture catalogs. 
What do women think of the things that men don’t tell their wife? What do men think of the things that women don’t tell their men?

The whole experience on moderncouple.arte.tv

Varenne Web&Doc FIGRA 2013 Prize
Selected at IDFA DocLab 2012


Mom's movies
Directed by Lucia Sanchez
Edited by Adrien Faucheux

Dad's movies
Directed by Andrés Jarach
Edited by Solveig Risacher

Multimedia authors Méline Engerbeau & Camimme Duvelleroy
Interactive script Once_Upon, atelier d'architecture transmedia
Web design & illudtrations Brieuc Dupont (Blacktool)
Web developper Frédéric Quin (GlobGlob Créations) 

With the participation of the CNC

© Quark / Arte - 2012

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