Quark Productions

The right way

by Jarmila Buzkova


Twenty-five years ago, Christian Laplanche, a secondary school pupil who had just emerged from a difficult adolescence, committed several hold-ups. He was arrested, told the truth and did not try to deny his responsibility. Encouraged by the examining magistrate, he took his baccalaureate in prison. On conditional release, he passed bachelor's and master's degrees in law and obtained a doctorate. He then taught criminal law to future barristers and magistrates. In 2003, after twenty years of exemplary rehabilitation, he applied for the bar in Nîmes. His request was refused unanimously by the barristers of Nîmes…

Etoile de la SCAM 2010
Selected at Cinemed festival 2009


Directed by Jarmila Buzkova
Edited by Françoise Bernard & Charlotte Tourès

Length 51'
Format 4/3

With the participation of the CNC
& the support of the région PACA
& the région Languedoc-Roussillon

© Quark / France 3 Sud - 2008

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