Quark Productions

When banana ruled

by Mathilde Damoisel


Until the 1970s, a multinational set up a monopoly by combining violence, repression, corruption, environmental destruction and a formidable marketing machine. It turned an unknown fruit into an instrument of fortune and domination.
The saga of a handful of conquerors who built an empire in Central America and invented the methods of one of the very first multinationals.
A dramatic tale of cynical adventurers, of visionaries of a modern and crippling capitalism, told like a Western.
Beneath the story lies the model of a multinational society that is still in operation today, and which leading economists analyze in the film.

Brodcast on ARTE on Nov. 21, 2017


Directed by Mathilde Damoisel
Edited by Solveig Risacher

Length 53'
Format 16/9

With the particpation of the CNC

With the support of the PROCIREP & the ANGOA

© Quark / ARTE France - 2017

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