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Love your neighbour

by Etienne Chaillou & Mathias Théry


The German has no sense of humour. The Portuguese is always in mourning. The Frenchman pushes in and grumbles. The Italian is a macho man...

Among Europeans, clichés are long-lived!

Étienne Chaillou and Mathias Théry have travelled around Europe and met citizens in the 28 countries of the Union. They have asked them to imagine their close or more distant neighbours. Each of them has told about others for the microphone, drawing on anecdotes, fantasies, real-life stories or stereotypes.

Back in France, directors have selected one portrait per country, which they have then painted directly onto the speaker's photo, thus morphing the narrator into his subject.

Match the painted characters with the corresponding photos in the fresco and discover an original portrait of 2014 Europe, playfully showing how we perceive each others.

Now it's your turn. Do share it, comment on it, and picture your neighbour!







Film-making, painting, pictures Etienne Chaillou & Mathias Théry

Painting sketch Martin Maniez


Web designer Brieuc Dupont (Blacktool)

Web developer Frédéric Quin (GlobGlob Créations)

With the participation of the CNC

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